A strong WA economy but many are left behind. 

Dec 6, 2023 | State News, Steve Thomas MLC

The Shadow Treasurer Dr Steve Thomas says that while the Treasurer Rita Saffioti might be correct in saying that “Western Australia’s economy continues to power the nation” she seems to have forgotten that many West Australians are doing it tough and not getting the benefit of the current boom like the Government.

“The Cook Labor Government may be getting a huge benefit from the biggest boom in our history, including the biggest budget surpluses in our history, but many people and families are not” Dr Thomas said.

“And the Cook Labor Government is contributing to them missing out.

The Treasurer Rita Saffioti today released a statement which in part said:
“Another key factor driving WA’s economy is the Cook Government’s record investment in infrastructure including METRONET, major road projects and new energy infrastructure to help decarbonise the State’s economy, with Government investment in the September 2023 quarter growing by 15.9 per cent, relative to the September 2022 quarter.”

“Despite the boasting by the Treasurer the State Labor Government needs to acknowledge that their own big infrastructure spend has driven up inflation over the last few years, especially in the construction sector” Dr Thomas said.

“People trying to get their own houses built are in direct competition with the Cook Labor Government for workers, contractors and building materials.

“This is contributing directly to blowouts in costs and timeframes across the private sector, including businesses and hopeful homeowners.

“It is having a significant impact on people’s cost-of-living at a time when many are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

“The Federal Government recently recognised this, and in fact gave it as the reason they cut back the Commonwealth’s infrastructure spending.

“The State Government should take note.”