Land tax relief five months late after Opposition’s earlier call

Oct 18, 2023 | State News, Steve Thomas MLC

The Shadow Treasurer Dr Steve Thomas has welcomed the State Government’s expansion of land tax relief but says it has taken far too long to deliver, especially given that he called for this to happen five months ago in May. 

“There have been significant delays in construction since 2020 thanks to a lack of both construction workers and materials, and although there has been some improvement this year many homebuilders have been waiting more than two years to get their home built and a building certificate issued” Dr Thomas said. 

“This has meant a number of these people were being hit with land tax on their own soon to be residential home simply because they couldn’t get it completed in the timeframe set by the Government. 

“This has been simply unacceptable. 

“Especially because I asked the Government to fix this issue back in May and I asked why the government had not extended the time frame to account for building delays? 

“The Government’s refusal at that point was to suggest it would be unfair to other taxpayers. 

“While I welcome yet another backflip from the Cook Labor Government, which has been making a habit of them, the delays have caused unnecessary stress on those trying to build their home in a difficult market place.” 

Dr Thomas said that it was a fair and just outcome that the Government will refund anyone building their home who had paid land tax because of building delays. 

“The Government is responsible for the problem, and it should cover the cost of fixing it” Dr Thomas said. 

“For a Government enjoying massive multi-billion dollar surpluses there is no excuse for the penny pinching in which they have been engaged. 

“This backflip should have happened in May.”