Labor further marginalises regional voters through the ultimate political scam

Nov 17, 2021 | David Honey MLA, State News

WA Labor has ruthlessly used its massive majority to pass their Electoral Equality
Bill in the Upper House thereby fulfilling their long-held commitment to marginalise
regional Western Australians for their own self-serving political ends.

Dr David Honey, Leader of the WA Liberals said the Labor Government had cynically
tricked and deceived regional voters to achieve this disgraceful outcome.

“Labor’s new electoral system is a cruel hoax upon the many thousands of people
living in regional Western Australia who voted to elect Labor MLC’s in their region,
who now in turn have voted to reduce the voting rights of regional, remote and rural
Western Australians.

“This is the ultimate political scam.

“The cruel fact is that during the Election, the Labor Party said electoral reform was
‘not on their agenda’ – a lie that will come back to electorally haunt them.

“Labor should not make profound changes to voting rights in Western Australia
without having a clear mandate from the electorate.

“As a city resident but born and raised on a Gt Southern small family farm, I believe
many people in the Perth metropolitan area will find this law offensive because of the
sneaky way it was rushed through Parliament.

“The public should now be fearful of what is to come from this Government that has
shown how ruthlessly it uses its massive majority for it owns self-serving political

“Regional voters are more disempowered now than ever before, rejected by a
Government that impersonated as their ally for election purposes.

“WA Labor’s regional MPs are in for a rude awakening at the next election if they
believe those voters will trust them easily again”, said Dr David Honey.