Feb 16, 2023 | Libby Mettam MLA, State News

Premier Mark McGowan has dodged questions on whether he supports the Albanese Labor Government’s decision to abolish the cashless debit card from communities such as Laverton. 

Following the cessation of the cashless debit card in remote WA towns like Laverton, alcohol-fuelled unrest and violence has escalated, with community leaders calling for urgent assistance. 

When asked in Parliament whether he supported Prime Minister Albanese’s decision to abolish the cashless debit card, Premier McGowan failed to answer the question, much like he has failed to stand up for WA to his Labor colleagues in Canberra. 

“The Albanese Labor Government has abandoned remote WA towns and left them with nothing to deal with this important issue,” WA Liberal Leader Libby Mettam said. 

“Reports that local residents in remote WA communities are living in constant fear of alcohol-fuelled violence are met with head in the sand comments from this out-of-touch Premier. 

“Urgent calls from local community leaders and small business owners to immediately reintroduce the cashless debit card have been completely ignored by both WA Labor and Federal Labor. 

“If the Premier is serious about standing up for WA, why won’t he publicly call on Albanese to reintroduce the cashless debit card? 

“Mr Albanese has provided $250 million to address similar issues in the NT that are occurring in Laverton. Where is that support for communities in WA like Laverton?”