Liberals commit to building Bunbury Ocean Pool

Jan 16, 2021 | State News

WA Liberal leader Zak Kirkup joined Liberal candidate for Bunbury Matt Foreman in Bunbury today to announce a $3.5 million commitment to building an ocean pool at Wyalup-Rocky Point.

“This commitment is part of the Liberals’ plan to keep West Australian communities together by investing in the facilities that local residents deserve for a better, brighter tomorrow,” Mr Kirkup said.

“Enjoying time with family and friends at the beach is a special part of the South West lifestyle and building an ocean pool at Wyalup-Rocky Point will provide another beautiful swimming location for Bunbury families and visitors to enjoy. 

“As part of our plan to keep our local communities together, the Liberals are proud to invest in initiatives that will encourage people to get involved in outdoor activities, especially as screens and devices become a bigger part of our lives.”

Liberal candidate for Bunbury Matt Foreman, who also officially opened his Bunbury Campaign Office on Sandridge Road today, welcomed the commitment to the Bunbury ocean pool. 

“The Bunbury ocean pool at Wyalup-Rocky Point will be the first step in the Bunbury Coastline Development Plan,” Mr Foreman said.

“I look forward to working with the City of Bunbury to develop this plan further and showcase Bunbury’s magnificent coastline. 

“The ocean pool will be iconic to Bunbury, will bring people into the City, and add another fantastic amenity that can be enjoyed by local residents.

“Tied in with the historic Basalt rocks, it will be unique in Western Australia and will also help attract investment activity along the coastline to truly enhance the potential of the area.”