Local Liberals David Dwyer and David Goode will deliver for their communities

Jan 22, 2022 | State News

Local grassroots Liberal Party members have endorsed David Dwyer, 57, as the Liberal candidate for Perth and David Goode as the Liberal candidate for Burt, for the upcoming Federal Election. 

Liberal candidate for Perth, David Dwyer, said he is committed to working hard for the Perth community.

“Perth locals expect their MP to fight for the issues that matter most to them and that’s exactly what I will do. I’ve already heard many people say they want to see more support for small businesses, more job opportunities, help with the cost of living, and to feel safe on Perth streets.”

David Dwyer has a Commerce degree from the University of Western Australia and started his career as an accountant.

“After graduating Uni, I started my career as an accountant, which saw me working with small and medium businesses. I have also owned and operated my own accounting business for the last 30 years, so I understand the challenges facing Perth small businesses, but also what they need to get ahead and succeed.”

David Dwyer lives with his wife Anne and together they have raised three adult children.  

“I love spending time outdoors with my family and I’m also a keen sportsman. My family and I know how important our public open spaces, parks and waterways are – especially the Swan River – to the Perth community, and I will fight to ensure these remain safe and accessible for locals.”

David Dwyer’s first priority as the Liberal candidate is getting out in the Perth community and meeting locals.

“I will be out in the coming weeks meeting with as many locals, families, and small businesses to listen to the issues that matter most to them.”

Liberal candidate for Burt, David Goode, said he is putting his hand up to get things done for his community.

“I’m a local – I have lived in the Burt community with my wife Jenny for 25 years, and together we have six children and five children.”

David Goode has started his own business, been a Bank Manager and has degrees in Accounting, Management and a Diploma in Financial Services.

“I have real life experience and understand the challenges facing our small businesses, having started my own finance broking business after a career as a Bank Manager.”

As a City of Gosnells Councillor and former Mayor, David Goode is now putting his hand up to represent Burt in Federal Parliament.

“I have dedicated my time serving and improving our local community as an active Justice of the Peace, local business owner, and as a City of Gosnells Councillor. From 2019 to 2021, I was privileged to serve our community as the Mayor of the City of Gosnells.”

“I’m putting my hand up to represent Burt in Federal Parliament because we need someone who will get things done and ensure our community remains one of the best places to live, work and raise a family.”

Local Liberals will be meeting shortly to decide their preferred candidate for Fremantle. The Party will make an announcement shortly after that.