McGowan Government must commit to inquiry into tragic 2 hour PCH wait

May 1, 2021 | State News, WA Labor

4 weeks on from Aishwarya’s tragic death at Perth Children’s Hospital it is sad to see the parents have felt the need to escalate their grief and commence protesting to seek answers from the McGowan Labor Government.

“There is a genuine public interest in ensuring that there is an independent inquiry to ensure that this never happens again,” said Libby Mettam Shadow Spokesperson for Health.

“There is no valid reason why in a state as prosperous as Western Australia that this is acceptable and no child should be waiting for 2 hours at Perth Children’s Hospital”.

“They are seeking an independent inquiry, which I fully support, and they deserve this given the circumstances.”

“It is concerning that the government has illustrated no urgency in relation to this inquiry.

“It is essential the government support the calls for an independent inquiry into Aishwarya’s death.”

“It is also important such a panel includes someone with paediatric clinical experience in the emergency setting.

“The family deserve answers and the independent inquiry deserves the support of government given the real issues raised surrounding Aishwarya’s death.”