McGowan Government must get smarter and improve WA’s COVID Vaccination wastage record

Jul 5, 2021 | Libby Mettam MLA, State News

The latest figures on the vaccination rollout confirm Western Australia maintains the damning record as the worst performer in the country.

The Opposition says the McGowan Government needs to lift its game and ensure that as many people as possible are able to receive the COVID vaccine being supplied to WA, and that in the process this valuable resource is not wasted.

“This is about boosting efforts to encourage more people to be vaccinated, but also how we can ensure less of this valuable tool is unnecessarily thrown out.

“In the first 16 weeks, 27 per cent of the COVID vaccine supplied to WA from the Federal Government has been wasted, the worst of any State.

“While this has improved slightly more recently to 22%, it is still almost a quarter of our State’s supply that is not being used,” Shadow Health Minister Libby Mettam said.  

“More than any other State, the McGowan Government has failed to fully utilise the supply given to WA, which is a major concern.
“While there are significant challenges with supply being wasted as a result of appointment no-shows, it is clear this Government needs to be more innovative and look at how it can cater for walk-ins to help address this wastage issue.

“Given the well documented queues for hours at the showgrounds, there may be an opportunity to consider opening longer and look at other efforts to encourage walk-ins.

“Given the obvious cost to small business every time Western Australia goes into lockdown, the public health risk of COVID and the challenges of vaccination supply, it’s clear the McGowan Government has not done enough to ensure Western Australians are vaccinated.

“Every vaccine that is not used represents a missed opportunity in protecting our citizens and holding WA back from fear of future costly lockdowns.

“Furthermore, these figures also indicate together with the first and second dose statistics, our rate of COVID vaccination is the worst in the country.

“While the McGowan Government is quick to engage in a blame game with the Federal Government over the challenges of vaccination supply, the irony is that this government more than any other State has wasted what has been provided.

“This backs concerns raised by GPs and health professionals regarding the communication issues with the rollout.

“The McGowan Government must urgently address the inefficiencies in the WA roll out and encourage more Western Australians to get vaccinated. “

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