Departing police officers still outnumber new recruits under Cook Labor Government 

Mar 4, 2024 | Peter Collier MLC, State News

The Cook Labor Government has failed to stem the record exodus of serving officers from the WA Police Force.

Figures released to the Liberal Opposition in Parliament this week showed a net loss of officers for the calendar year 2023 and made a mockery of the Government’s promise of 950 additional officers by June 2024.

Shadow Police Minister Peter Collier said the numbers reinforced how completely out of touch the Minister for Police was with what was happening in his force.

“The Minister for Police needs a reality check with regard to policing in this state,” Mr Collier said.

“While he has been telling everyone who will listen that 377 new officers graduated last year, he forgot to mention that 404 serving officers resigned.

“His constant rhetoric that everything is peachy in the force and that officers are only leaving to pursue ‘other opportunities’ only reinforces the disillusionment of serving officers.”

Mr Collier said the Minister’s claim that the resignation rate of officers had slowed to ‘normal levels’ was blatantly inaccurate.

“With almost one thousand officers resigning over the past two years, the only person involved in policing that doesn’t think there is an endemic issue is the minister,” he said.

“A further 35 officers resigned in January this year, making the Government’s commitment of an additional 950 officers by June nothing but a forlorn hope.

“The fact remains, there is a cultural problem that continues to exist within our police force.

“Officers feel undervalued and ignored and it is for this reason they are resigning in record numbers.”