Premier missing in time of crisis

Apr 7, 2021 | State News

West Australians have been abandoned just weeks after the McGowan government were returned to another term of government with a promise to keep us all safe. 

“It’s inexcusable that the Premier is missing in action at a time when he needs to be taking the lead for the people who elected him to provide a stable, competent and responsible government for all West Australians” Shadow Health spokesperson Libby Mettam said. 

“The simple fact the Minister for Health waited three full days to receive a briefing on this tragedy, is absolutely incomprehensible given the circumstances. 

“This grieving family will now be forced to wait months for answers about how their beautiful daughter died and it is simply not good enough given this assessment could be done independently within one week if the Government was willing to do so. 

“It is clear to all that we are currently facing a significant health crisis in our hospitals, with ambulance ramping at record levels, an unprecedented number of code yellow emergencies being called weekly, and an elective surgery waitlist which has continued to balloon. 

“Our system is failing to deliver the basics, yet all we have heard from the Minister for Health is excuses. 

“It’s clear he is either asleep at the wheel or completely out of touch with reality and there are some real questions about whether his position remains tenable. 

“The McGowan Government must face the fact that Western Australia is experiencing a serious health crisis at this time and take the immediate action to address this crisis in our hospitals as a matter of urgency. 

“No more excuses and no more delays. Aishwarya’s parents and the people of Western Australia deserve better.”