Premier picks up the thread but delivery yet to be seen

Jul 21, 2021 | State News, Steve Thomas MLC

The Shadow Treasurer Dr Steve Thomas has welcomed the Premier/Treasurer’s announcement today of more resources for its “red tape reduction team” but says that simply adding more public servants will not guarantee success.

“The Government investment of $120 million to improve the approvals process is welcome” Dr Thomas said. “In fact, you might think the Premier had read my opinion piece this week and leapt into action.”

Dr Thomas’s opinion piece of Monday included that –

“The Government could start by focussing on making the planning and approvals processes easier to use and more efficient; it could start reining in the bureaucracy rather than empowering it!

That might make the next generation of projects more deliverable, and provide the smoothing out our economy needs.
Otherwise we are doomed to repeat the boom and bust cycle we can’t manage properly now.”

“To see an immediate response, whether the timing is accidental or not, is pleasing” Dr Thomas said. “However just adding more public servants is no guarantee of success. This state needs an approvals process that does not take years to navigate and add millions of dollars to the cost of projects.”

“These new bureaucrats need to be highly focussed on reducing the administrative burden on proponents, or they will be probably adding to it.”

“It’s the old adage in action – if you are not part of the solution you are a part of the problem.”

“It is good to see the media release identify that the investment is to “meet the demand for timely project assessments and approvals”.

“I will be watching to make sure that happens” Dr Thomas said.