Premier’s defamation case a waste of time and money

Aug 2, 2022 | Nick Goiran MLC, State News

The Opposition has labelled the Premier’s defamation action against Clive Palmer a waste of West Australians’ money and a waste of the Government’s time given the crises facing WA.

Opposition Leader Mia Davies said the spat between the Premier and Mr Palmer was a waste of time and money.

“This case wasted time that the Premier could have spent dealing with the multitude of crises on the home front in health, housing and easing the cost-of-living for everyday West Australians,” Ms Davies said.

“Not only did the Judge find the proceedings took up valuable court resources and WA taxpayers’ dollars, but he found the Premier had a ‘bully pulpit’ and took the opportunity to advance his political stance by defaming Mr Palmer.

“I also note the Federal Court judge has labelled the Attorney General’s evidence as ‘confused and confusing’ and ‘all over the shop’.

“Clearly, it is time for Mr Quigley to go – the Premier needs to wake up and take responsibility for his embattled Cabinet.”

Shadow Attorney General Nick Goiran said the only point proved in this otherwise pointless ego game by Premier McGowan is that his Attorney General is unreliable.

“It is a damning indictment for law and order in our State to have an Attorney General taken apart not merely in the witness box but for the Judge to issue a final judgment that it is not ‘safe to place any reliance’ upon Mr Quigley’s evidence,” Mr Goiran said.

“This embarrassing, expensive and entirely avoidable debacle was not only not worth the candle but is the straw that has broken Mr Quigley’s back.

“The Premier now has two gigantic headaches to resolve: when to come clean on how much taxpayer money has been wasted in this pointless extravagance and who to appoint as replacement Attorney General.”