Serious Concerns Raised About the Rushed Sale Process for South Fremantle Power Station

Western Australian Liberal Leader Dr David Honey said the haste in Labor’s sale of the South Fremantle Power Station raised some serious concerns.
“The South Fremantle Power Station sits on prime real estate and it would be a disgrace if it was sold for just $1 in a rushed sale,” Dr Honey said.

“The expressions of interest phase only started yesterday, yet it closes in just over one week on 2 July, 2021. Subject to board approval, Synergy is expected to announce the successful bidder in September 2021.

“The fact is that there are many developers both in Western Australia and nationally who would welcome the opportunity to bid on this site, but only giving the market till next week to submit expressions of interest is far too short.

“The fact is that this is a very complex and highly contaminated site and it would take most serious proponents many weeks to determine if they are interested in submitting an EOI for developing this site.

“The Labor Energy Minister says there already have been several indications that proponents may put in an EOI but this simply highlights the desirability of the location.

“The interests of the taxpayer are being risked by this rushed EOI process.

“We are disturbed by why the South Fremantle Power Station was suddenly placed on the WA Heritage List on 14 June 2021. This sudden listing is likely to deter some of the competitive bids and will reduce the market testing of the unsolicited bid process from developers. 

“Bill Johnston needs to assure taxpayers that this process will not be a repeat of the East Perth Power Station sale that was reportedly also sold for $1 and resulted in the taxpayers paying $65 million for remedial work at this site.”