Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder has described today’s State Budget delivered by the WA Labor Government as insipid and said it lacks a clear, strong economic plan to create local jobs for more than 100,000 unemployed West Australians. 

“The fact that WA Labor would run a surplus at a time when so many small businesses and households are suffering is appalling,” Mr Nalder said. 

“Very little has been revealed today that has not already been announced. 

“Western Australia deserved an extraordinary budget for these extraordinary times. What has been handed down is a weak and insipid budget that does not provide anything resembling a clear, strong plan for local jobs, for local small businesses and for Western Australia’s economic recovery. 

“There is no jobs target other than to return to pre-COVID levels and unemployment is forecast to reach a very concerning 8%. 

“This is not an infrastructure blitz – the $27 billion is similar to normal government investment. 

“As a comparison, following the GFC the Liberal Government invested $8.3b in response – the highest on record. 

“This year Labor is spending just $7.5 billion – that is 10% less despite a much bigger economy and a much bigger economic crisis. 

“This business as usual budget has just reannounced Labor’s Metronet project, which has blown out to double the original cost ($2.9b to $5.7b), is two years late and not a single metre of rail has been laid in almost four years. 

“This budget has told all West Australians, once again, that Labor cannot manage major projects and Labor cannot manage the economy, especially during a major crisis. 

“Labor has frozen cost of living increases in this election year but the budget papers highlight electricity will increase by 7% in the following years. 

“WA Labor has finally committed an additional 800 police but after almost four years in government and the highest level of violent crime on record, this is too little too late. 

“There is nothing to address the record ambulance ramping. There is nothing to address the record homeless crisis across our city and our state.” 

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