The Liberals commit to deliver more local jobs than WA Labor – guaranteed.

Our local jobs guarantee includes: 

  • Designing major projects so West Australian mid-tier contractors can compete; 
  • Redefining “local supplier” to ensure local actually means local, giving local businesses preferential treatment on State Government contracts; 
  • Holding government ministers and departments to account by mandating full disclosure in annual reports when West Australian businesses are not used; 
  • Creating a Jobs First Commissioner to oversee the policy and to provide WA small businesses with support and assistance. 
  • This is in contrast to WA Labor’s bungled jobs policy that defines a local supplier as any state or territory of Australia and New Zealand. Labor have also given billions of dollars of Metronet contracts to foreign companies, locking out West Australian companies. 

Here are nearly $9 million worth of jobs that have gone to Eastern States companies, not West Australian businesses. 

  • $3 million for media monitoring – awarded to a company in Victoria 
  • $2 million ‘Wander out Yonder’ marketing campaign – NSW 
  • $2 million for media impact research for events – NSW 
  • $385,000 for mural art project – Qld 
  • $125,615 for solar panel supply and installation – NSW 
  • $164,877 for solar panel supply and installation – NSW 
  • $62,719 to supply barbecues – Victoria 
  • $83,000 to look into feasibility of more carbon farming opportunities – Victoria 
  • $89,265 for creative and event concept testing research – Victoria 
  • $250,000 for personal protective workwear – Qld 
  • $76,450 for Uninterruptible Power Supply replacement – NSW 
  • $66,000 for technical advisory services – Canberra 
  • $72,600 for security assessment for new museum project – NSW 
  • $90,200 for consultancy services for WA wind farm businesses – Victoria 
  • $126,050 for video conferencing equipment – Sydney 
  • $73,628 for collective impact consultancy services – Tasmania 
  • $39,492 for drop down curtains at HBF Arena basketball courts – SA 
  • $68,000 for partnership requests appraisal and reporting CRM System – Victoria 
  • $100,000 for visual brand identity for Tourism WA – NSW 

Updated December 2020.

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