The party of polling fails to listen on school camp ban

Feb 14, 2022 | David Honey MLA, State News

Leader of the WA Liberals, Dr David Honey MLA, has criticised the McGowan Government for failing to hear the calls of schools and parents in response to Labor’s unnecessary school camp ban.

Dr Honey said this is just another Labor knee-jerk reaction to dealing with COVID-19.

“We’ve seen the Premier and the rarely heard from ‘Silent Sue’ Ellery come out with this unjustified camp ban that blindsided schools, students and camp businesses.

“Their sneaky compensation package offers progressively reducing fees to compensate for camp cancellations that will still see many school camp businesses suffer.

“There is no knowing whether the State Government will reinstate school camps after term 1 and by then camp cancellations will only be compensated for 50 per cent of lost revenue.

Dr Honey said that school kids shouldn’t be restricted from key learning and school experiences.

“School camp is generally regarded as the most memorable experience for most students. There are no compelling reasons for the Labor Government to rob students of this important experience.

“To have these precious memories taken from them is a harsh penalty on the part of this WA Labor Government.
“Camp operators, like all businesses, already have several COVID safety measures in place.

“Education Minister Ellery’s comments on shared sleeping arrangements among students don’t reflect what actually happens in these school camps.

“WA Labor is the Party of Polling. They cancelled the border reopening based on their polling and now turn a deaf ear to the voices of students, parents and teachers to maintain their “tough on COVID” image.

“This is simply WA Labor making decisions on the run, with Western Australians paying the price.