The Streets Aren’t Safe Under Labor

Aug 28, 2020 | State News

Shadow Minister for Police Peter Katsambanis says the Labor Government is failing to keep the community safe by refusing to bolster WA Police Force numbers.

“The Labor Government’s failure on law and order has again been highlighted with the City of Perth demanding the government increase police presence in the CBD,” Mr Katsambanis said.

“Weekend after weekend we see more violence in Northbridge and other parts of the CBD.

“This government just doesn’t get it. Its strategy of moving additional police around to different districts when a crime spike occurs only serves to illustrate it has not recruited enough police during its first term.

“Late last year the government had to increase funding for police overtime in the CBD and Northbridge because it made drastic cuts after coming to power in its first budget.

“The Labor Government has been trying to catch up ever since. Labor have simply failed community safety.

“Rather than shifting police around to address a crime wave, the government needs more police.

“The Police Minister revealed in parliament recently that 11 of the 15 police districts in Western Australia have less police than their authorised strength. There were 125 less police officers on the beat than there should have been before the government moved 400 officers on to COVID duties earlier this month and did not replace them.

“The Labor Government is putting lives at risk by not giving WA Police the staffing levels they deserve.

“Recruiting more police next year after the election is not good enough. They should already have been recruited because they are needed right now.