The summer of blackouts continues, courtesy of “Blackout Bill” Johnston

Feb 7, 2022 | David Honey MLA, State News

Dr David Honey MLA, Leader of the WA Liberals and Shadow Minister for Energy has
called out Energy Minister “Blackout Bill” Johnston for continued grid failures State-wide
over the weekend.

“Again, we’ve seen continued grid failures across the metro and regional areas.
“Yesterday we saw nearly 4,000 homes lose power in the south metro area in Perth.

“Today WA Labor has upped the ante, with over 25,000 homes without power across the
metro, Wheatbelt, Mid-West, and Goldfields regions, excluding power outages caused by

“This is getting beyond ridiculous, with many of these areas reaching very high
temperatures, Minister Johnston’s is endangering lives.

“His incompetence in Energy management is being felt by thousands of Western
Australians who he owes an apology.

“This is what five years in Energy grid neglect will result in, WA Labor can’t even keep the
lights on.

“It makes one wonder if they can even screw in a lightbulb?

“As I’ve said before, these blackouts are affecting businesses, private homes and
vulnerable people whose life-saving equipment and medication requires electricity,” said
Dr Honey.

Dr Honey said Minister Johnston needs to stop feigning ignorance with a useless inquiry
and start fixing the recurring blackouts.

“Minister Johnston has traded in doing real work for an independent inquiry to investigate
why these blackouts have been happening.

“Western Power knows what the issues are, you don’t need an inquiry to figure it out
“It’s up to Minister Johnston to listen to them and start solving the problem.
“This is another diversion tactic from an actionless Minister, plain and simple.

“I call on Bill Johnston to stop the charade and fix our grid system.

“Western Australians deserve working electricity,” said Dr Honey.