WA Labor’s Industrial Relations Bill Another Gift to the Unions

Dec 16, 2021 | David Honey MLA, State News

The new Industrial Relations Amendments Act is a classic sneaky tactic from WA Labor’s pocket guidebook to give Unions more special powers and exemptions.

The new amendments, set to pass the Upper House today, hide an array of new laws which include the right of Union Officials to enter people’s homes.

WA Liberal Leader, Dr David Honey, says the new Bill is hidden under the guise of modern slavery prevention in order to bestow invasive new powers upon Unions.

“This comes on top of the exemptions to mandatory vaccination that the WA Labor Government has granted to Union Officials in the workplace”, said Dr Honey.

Shadow Attorney General and Industrial Relations Shadow Minister, Hon Nick Goiran MLC, said that WA Labor is gifting the Unions unprecedented powers.

“It is unnecessary for the Government to bundle together their so-called “workplace reforms” with modern slavery provisions to protect vulnerable workers. It sounds noble, but when we scrutinise the Bill, we find this shifty ‘back door’ attempt to extend the reach of the Trade Unions.

“The law currently absolutely prohibits a union official trying to enter someone’s home, however, this Bill seeks to change this to allow entry in “exceptional circumstances”. I call on the McGowan Government to transparently define what these “exceptional circumstances” are and what circumstances could possibly justify a unionist entering a person’s home?

“The current act prohibits union officials from trying to enter someone’s home and this should not change. If a unionist has a concern about something occurring in a person’s home, then they should report the matter to the department or to the police.