WA Labor’s Northbridge Street Crime Measures Fail to Fix a Larger Problem

Dec 15, 2021 | David Honey MLA, State News

The McGowan Government’s newly announced street policing measures to increase safety in Northbridge are an inadequate fix to an ongoing problem.

Northbridge has increasingly been the notorious epicentre of violent crime and anti-social behaviour in the CBD, with the McGowan Government refusing to act until the recent escalating crime wave in the area.

WA Liberal Leader, Dr David Honey MLA, said the announcement of these new policing measures was long overdue. “We have seen violent crime in the regions as well as in Northbridge, the Perth CBD and the wider metro area rise to unacceptable levels.

“It’s time the WA Labor Government start coming up with lasting solutions, instead of a bland, blanket response”, said Dr Honey.

Shadow Minister for Police, Hon Peter Collier MLC, has called WA Labor’s response a poor attempt to make up for years of neglecting the area.

“This new initiative is just another WA Labor band-aid solution to a problem they have allowed to get out of control.

“The area is ground zero for violence in the CBD/Northbridge area, with many people avoiding it altogether.

“On a near daily basis you hear of more crime, assaults, violence and death in the area.

“A few more Police Officers is simply not enough of a solution to tackle the problems in the area, it hasn’t worked in the past, nor will it now.

“Police presence needs to be exponentially increased in order to send a powerful message and show of force to those engaging in assaults and anti-social behaviour”, said Mr Collier.