WA’s Unemployment Figures Worst In Australia

Jun 18, 2020 | State News

Shadow Treasurer Dean Nalder has asked Premier Mark McGowan to explain to the public why Western Australia’s unemployment figures are the worst in the nation under his Labor Government. 

Figures released today show that Western Australia’s unemployment rate soared to 8.1% in May. 

“This is an economic disaster,” Mr Nalder said. 

“The Premier needs to explain to the people of Western Australia why our unemployment figures are the worst in Australia when he claims that he has managed the COVID-19 pandemic better than any other State in the nation. 

“Thirty thousand West Australians joined the unemployment queue in May. 

“The number of unemployed people in the State is now 112,000 – 28,000 more than last month – and is the highest on record. There are also 167,000 people underemployed. 

“WA has a jobs crisis, businesses are closing every single day and our economy is on life support. 

“The Premier was quick to claim all the accolades for the health crisis, but he needs to be accountable for the economic crisis Western Australia finds itself in. 

“It’s time for him to take some responsibility. The McGowan Labor Government has still not released its plan for the economic recovery of Western Australia.”