West Australians deserve answers to Forrestfield Airport Link delay questions

Aug 10, 2022 | State News, Tjorn Sibma MLC

Shadow METRONET Minister, Tjorn Sibma has slammed the secrecy and poor project management of the $10 billion METRONET project.

In Parliament yesterday, Mr Sibma sought answers from the Government on the specific problems that have been identified during the testing and commissioning phase of Forrestfield Airport Link.

“Western Australians are still in the dark as to the specific issues that have led to the delay of the commencement of services on the Airport Line” Mr Sibma said.

“Straight forward questions to the Minister in Parliament were not answered, raising serious questions about the Minister’s real interest and understanding of the issues that have led to delay after delay.”

“Why won’t the Minister answer the question:

What are the specific problems that have been identified during the testing and commissioning phase?

Mr Sibma said while it is expected on a project of this magnitude and complexity that refinements to some pieces of infrastructure would be required during the testing and commissioning phase, it was also expected that the Government would inform the public of these issues.

“With a project this size, there is an expectation that the Minister will be transparent to the Parliament, and not avoid answering basic questions” Mr Sibma said.

“What exactly is the government hiding under this ever increasing veil of secrecy?”

Recently, for the second time, the Auditor General has recommended to the Government regular reporting to Parliament and the public on the cost, time and status of major projects.

“The Minister’s failure to answer basic questions in Parliament highlights the necessity for regular reporting to the Parliament, yet twice the Government has rejected the Auditor General’s recommendation.”

“With METRONET making up 45% of the Government’s asset investment program over the next few years, the failure to report to Parliament represents a staggering lack of accountability for a project that continues to face delay after delay.”